Vincent's Stereo Projects

Stereographoscope - Roswell Style
I originally was going to make a Holmes style handhold viewer, but the project kind of got out of hand.  The large piece of glass on the top is supposed to "enhance" the enjoyment of post cards, which were all the rage at the turn of the century.  It is actually a 4" dia. magnifier with the handle cut off.  (can't really say that I enjoy postcards any more with it)  The stereo lenses are f=150mm, 39mm dia., spaced 65mm apart.
Below pictures are parallel eye views
side view
Image of the viewer folded and place in its box
folded scope
View of the top portion folded flat
Close-up of the card holder slide
slide mechanism

Mounting Jig/Goggles for stereo slides
To help speed the mounting of film chips in the stereo slides, I built this jig/goggle.  The goggles allow you to see how the stereo slide looks, as you are adjusting the film chips in the mount.  f=100mm lenses, 39mm dia.  mounted in a red oak, with an adjustible lens to film distance to allow focusing.
mounting goggles
goggles side view
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