3D Pictures of CPR Empress 2816
June 14, 2003
Union Station, Toronto to
Milton GO Station

Below are pictures from a special train trip from Toronto Union Station to the Milton GO Commutor Staion.  CPR 2816, a 4-6-4 Hudson was pulling its usual compliment of heavyweight coaches, 10 Bombardier Bi-level commuter cars and a GO F59PH locomotive "in push mode."

To view these images use either red/blue 3-D glasses  to look at the left image only, or "free-view" the centre and right images to see the stereo effect.

All photos below were taken on Fuji Sensia 100 slide film with a Realist f3.5 stereo camera.  Anaglyphs created by using "Anaglyph Maker" by Takashi Sekitani.

Left image - Red/Cyan 3-D anaglyph
Centre & Right image - parallel free view

CPR Empress 2816 "The Steam Train" on the board inside of Union Station

CPR Empress 2816 gets ready to leave the towers of downtown

CPR Empress 2816 builder's plate from Montreal Locomotive Works (ALCO)

Steam escaping from valves

Rail fan looks over the cab, with the old CPR beaver emblem

CPR 2816 outside of Union Station, downtown Toronto in the background

Close up of the cylinder and running gears

Front view of the locomotive

Water is blown out of a valve

View from the rear of the tender

CPR Empress 2816 arrives at Milton, Ontario
Face to Face with a GO commuter train

created June 22nd, 2003.
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