Opto-Isolator for R/C Receivers
Adding an Opto-Isolator to your radio control receiver
What is an opto-isolator?
It is basically an infrared LED and infrared receiver all in one package.  In this case, I'm using it to transmit the servo pulses to the Electronic Speed Control (ESC).  As it does this optically, the servo receiver is electrically isolated from the motor circuit.
In this case, the servo receiver is used to power the input (left) side of the chip.  The signal wire (usually white wire) and black wire (ground) is connected to the left side.  The ESC is connected to the output (right) side.  There is no direct electrical path betwen the two.
Vincent Chan
You should be able to find an opto-isolator chip for under  $1.  A very simple and effective method to reduce glitches.
4N30 Opto-isolator
4N30 Opto-isolator Schematic