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Here are a few pictures of some of the Ontario Northland Railroad models that I have kit-bashed & painted.  All models are O-gauge, 3-rail.

 This is my attempt at a "garden" railway during a snowstorm.  Really, its just old Lionel O-27 track laid on my balcony.
I just wanted to test how well my radio control worked in a cold and wet environment.

Picture of gondola plow
MTH - gondola plow - re-painted to ONR colours. 
Two 12V lead acid batteries provide power to the locomotive and provide weight for the plow.
Approximately 1/2" of snow on the tracks, or 2 feet of "scale" snow.

pushing through the snow
Pushing through the snow, gondola plow with ONR 1604 chop nose GP-9  (Lionel) re-painted.
Actually, to get through the snow, I had to constantly back up and charge at the snow full throttle.
Traction of the locomotive was extremely poor, as only the front truck is powered resulting in a lot of wheel spin.
Note the wire sticking out of the top is actually the R/C antenna.
Communication with a PIC chip allows for the control of speed, direction, braking, side marker lights, ditch lights and headlights.

rounding the curve
Plow and locomotive rounding the corner. 
The exhaust stack can be removed to allow for recharging of the controller battery pack.
Rear fan winterization hatch can be removed to expose on/off switches.

night running
1604 at night, four white LED's light the way. 
Unfortunately, the snow between the rails has refrozen as ice!  Makes running very hard.

ONR Railfan pictures here soon.

created Jan 29th, 2004.
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