O-Gauge Layout Construction
Construction of my 3-rail O-Gauge Layout
My layout is on the main floor of my house and has tracks that lead out to the garden.  In order to blend in with the decor, I built the layout around a set of cabinets.
Here, the upper cabinets are installed.  You can also see portions of styrofoam for the On30 track bed.
The bottom cabinets are being built up.  I used biscuits on all the corners on the melamine covered particle boards.
The layout is basically a L-shaped, with the control panel and transformers in the middle of the L.
Vincent Chan, Copyright 2009
1x4" pine boards are used to provide a space for wiring runs.  Large holes are drill through the boards to allow wires to be brought back to the control panel.
You can see some of the track laid out for the On30 moutain line.
I used 1" thick styrofoam insulation as my base of the O-gauge layout.  The On30 track is a "mountain" logging road, that brings logs and lumber down to the main line.
With the cabinets complete, I begin work on the layout.  Removable panels allow me to run new wiring back to the control panel (above the middle drawer).  The transformers are in the drawer below.  I use standard block control for the 3-rail O-gauge layout, but the On30 is DCC.   The On30 starts on the right, with a 4% grade (using Woodland Scenics foam wedges) and 2 switchbacks to get down the the main level of the O-gauge layout.  Under cabinet lighting from IKEA on a dimer provides the appropriate level of lighting for the layout.
Close up photos of the layout to be coming soon!