Acoustic Guitar Pickup Installation
Installation of a Fishman Infinity Matrix Undersaddle Pickup
Here's the new Fishman undersaddle pickup in the box. Comes complete with volume/tone module, preamp/endpin jack, battery bag and cable straps. The instructions are a little unclear, so hopefully this page clears up a few things for you.
Here's the guitar, my Norman B-15, handmade in Quebec about 20 years ago.
Vincent Chan
Here's the undersaddle transducer, this one is the 1/8" wide one, and measures 0.059" thick.  (there's also a 3/32" one, be sure to measure your saddle width before ordering.)
Here I am marking out the saddle with my height guage.  The saddle needs to be installed with the 50/50 rule.  (50% of the height above the bridge, 50% below in the slot)  I wanted to maintain the same saddle height, so this required that I sand off 0.124" off the bottom.
Watch the fingers!  Grinding down the height of the saddle on my disk sander.  Note that I darkend the scribe line left by the height gauge with a pencil.
One thing not mentioned when you buy the kit is that you may need to add a wooden shim under the transducer to get the proper height.  Here you can see some 1/8" by 1/16" wood stick from my model train supplies that I used as a shim.
I used a 1/8" diameter transfer punch to leave a small pilot divot for my drill.  Using a 1/8" transfer insures that the hole is centred in the saddle slot.  Also, make sure you have at least 0.100" between the wire hole and your lower E string (6th).
Using a 3/32" drill to drill a hole for the transducer wire.
I used a Unibit stepdrill to widen the hole to 15/32".  I like using the stepdrill versus a regualr twist drill, as there's no chance of the drill bit catching, and thus ruining your guitars finish.
Here I am "squaring" the hole with a regular 15/32" twist drill, as with the end block, the hole is probably at least 1/2" deep.
Take time now to vacuum out the sawdust.  Can anyone tell me how to get a shop vac hose and my hand into the sound hole without getting them stuck?
The Fishman Infinity Matrix preamp with the cover off before I wired up the tranducer wires.  The go into the two screw terminals on the left side.  FYI, the shield wire is the non-insulated one.
Final installation of the battery bag and the wire clips.  Make sure you clean the surface with isopropol alcohol before attaching the self stick velcro.  I had trouble with attaching the volume control module with the peel and stick.  A little high viscosity super glue works well, but makes if very permanent.
All told, it took me about 2 hours to install.  However, this included taking pictures and stopping to have a bowl of cherries (yum).  Also, I could have saved a lot of time if I labled the guitar strings before taking them off!  (actually, you can leave them on the tuning machine pegs.)  Good luck with your install!