Vincent's Astro-Photo


Lunar Eclipse 2000 Photos
The following pictures of the January 20th, 2000 eclipse were taken with
a Meade ETX, 90mm Muksutov-Cassegrain with a
Olympus OM-1 using Kodak's Gold 1000 film.
To expose for the moon or the shadow?????
I guess that's why you must bracket with film.  Now if I can
only glue the two images together......

Here are some of my digital photos of the planets:
From left to right:  Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn
All photos taken with a Meade ETX and a colour QuickCAM VC

One of my favorite photos, using a OM-1 on a barn door,
a photo of Sagittarius and the centre of our galaxy.
(press on the photo for an outline of Sagittarius)

Picture of Hale-Bopp over Victoria, BC

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